Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards
I love sending out Christmas messages to our friends and family. I especially like for them to look vintage (although this year I was lucky enough to find a set of unused vintage Christmas cards to use for part of them :)
I use old Christmas stickers and seals to adorn them. This year, I had one of my Christmas photographs made into Christmas stamps; you might recognize it! :)
The top photo is my Christmas cards waiting to be taken to the post office!


  1. love your sweet blog Becky and I follow your vintage blog also. You have a fabulous home, I love your style of decorating.
    Merry Christmas & a blessed New year

  2. Becky, love everything you have vintage. I just started collecting a few things, but if you visit my Christmas blog, you will see why it is hard to start over. It has taken me years and vintage ornaments are hard to find here. People threw that away and started new---just as my mom did. I would give almost anything to have some of her vintage ornaments we had as children, especially her tensil garland and light reflectors. Got my cards out also and if you would send me your mailing address, I would love to send you one also. you can email me at I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I will be back for more to look at. Hugs, Pat

  3. Received my card today the card and stamp both were great!